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We are a Canadian consulting company providing geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and environmental consulting to various industry sectors. We provide our services in Western and Northern Canada Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories and The Middle East. We also provide services in other international locations through our main office in Edmonton.


Geotechnical Engineering for site investigations, foundations, slope stability analysis, and other geotechnical works
Geotechnical Engineering   

Geotechnical Site Investigations, Foundation Design, Slope Stability, ...

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Materials testing (soil compaction, testing, concrete testing, advanced and routine soil testing, etc) and construction quality control
Materials Testing 

Concrete Testing, Soil Testing, Construction Quality Control (QC), ...

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Provider of Environmental Site Assessment, contamination clean up consulting, hydrocarbon and heavy metals

Environmental Services

Environmental Site Assessments, Restoration, Cleanup, ...

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Research and Development in Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing (soil testing, concrete testing, etc)

Unconventional Solutions 

Research and Development, Advanced Field and Laboratory Materials Testing, ...

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Advanced Materials Testing Laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta

Field and Laboratory Materials Testing Services 

Field and Laboratory Instrumentation and Geotechnical Monitoring 

Field Performance Monitoring (Infrastructures; Dams, Levees, and DykesMiningOil, Gas, Power, and Pipelines

Field Construction Monitoring and Inspection (soil compaction testing, pile inspection, construction QA/QC)

Geo-Hazard Monitoring (active landslides and slopes, ground ice and thaw weakening, liquefaction, debris flow, ground subsidence, etc)


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