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We are a Canadian consulting company providing geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and environmental consulting to various industry sectors. We provide our services in Western and Northern Canada Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories and The Middle East. We also provide services in other international locations through our main office in Edmonton.


Geotechnical Engineering for site investigations, foundations, slope stability analysis, and other geotechnical works
Geotechnical Engineering   

Geotechnical Site Investigations, Foundation Design, Slope Stability, ...

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Materials testing (soil compaction, testing, concrete testing, advanced and routine soil testing, etc) and construction quality control
Materials Testing 

Concrete Testing, Soil Testing, Construction Quality Control (QC), ...

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Provider of Environmental Site Assessment, contamination clean up consulting, hydrocarbon and heavy metals

Environmental Services

Environmental Site Assessments, Restoration, Cleanup, ...

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Research and Development in Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing (soil testing, concrete testing, etc)

Unconventional Solutions 

Research and Development, Advanced Field and Laboratory Materials Testing, ...

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Pile Design and Inspection Services in Alberta

Alpha Adroit Engineering provides pile design and pile inspection services in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories in Canada.

— Call us Toll Free: 844-4-ADROIT (1-844-423-7648  OR 1-833-423-7648) or please Contact Us Here! for more information.

Deep Foundations

A deep foundation is a type of foundation that transfers the structural loads to the deeper bearing starta (end bearing pile) or distributes the loads along the pile shaft (friction piles). In reality, both mechanisms (end bearing and frictional mechanism) contribute to the resistance capacity of pile foundations.

A foundation is considered a deep foundation when the depth of the bottom of the foundation (D) is more than 2.5 times (sometimes conservatively taken as minimum 4 times) the width  of the bearing cross section of the foundation (diameter of the pile, "d", or the width of the deep footing, "B"). 

Some reasons when Alpha Adroit would recommend a deep foundation over shallow foundation include when the design loads are very high, bearing soils at shallow depth are poor (such as existance of uncontrolled fill), there are site constraints such as property line restrictions, underpinning is required, there are environmental conditions that make construction of shallow foundations difficult or costly, slope stabilization using piles are required, burried lateral soil retention using piles are required, or other special applications require using pile foundations.

Alpha Adroit's Pile Design and Inspection Services

Alpah Adroit's deep foundation services include pile design, design review, and pile inspection services for cast-in-place concrete piles, driven piles (steel pipe piles, H- Piles, concrete pre-cast piles, timber piles) using hammer and vibratory pile drivers, CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles, belled piles, fluted piles, helical piles (screw piles), Compacto piles, pressure injected footings or piles (Franki Piles) , heavy-duty caissons, micro piles, soldier piles (soldier piles and timber lagging), adfreeze piles, secant piled walls, tangent piled walls, burried slurry walls, sheet piles, under-reamed piles, pile groups, and pile caps.

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides construction Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) services to ensure the construction procedures and materials used for pile foundations conform to the design specifications and assumptions, as well as, to the proper construction practices. The QA/QC procedures will also examine the soil and rock conditions at the site at each pile location to ensure the design bearing capacity is achieved and avaiable to carry structural and other loads.

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd accepts all sizes of projects and no job is too small or too big for Alpha Adroit. Alpha Adroit is generally retained to provide pile inspection services to project owners, prime consultants, piling contractors, general contractors and other sub-consultant or sub-contractors involved with piling construction. Alpha Adroit's servicesinclude:

  • Providing engineering consultation and design, piling technology knowledge, know-how, and quality control procedures and criteria
  • Pre-construction design review and organization 
  • Pre-construction site meeting and verification of pile layout and construction plans 
  • Pile Inspection Services for Driven Piles:

    • pile driving operation inspections (including also driving equipment: hammers, efficiency, etc)
    • record keeping
    • pay items
    • reporting
  • Pile Inspection Services for Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles:

    • pile construction inspection
    • verification of geometry (depth and diameters)
    • record keeping and reporting of all procedures for verification of soil and rock properties
    • groundwater and sloughing conditions
    • casing (if required)
    • heating and insulation (if required)
    • steel reinforcement
    • concrete testing (air, slump, casting cylinders, curing and strength testing of concrete samples) 
  • Pile Inspection Services for Screw Piles (Helical Piles):

    • verification of geometry and material
    • pile driving operation inspections (driving equipment, torque, load calibration)
    • quality of operation
    • record keeping
    • pay items
    • reporting
  • Static Pile Load Testing
  • Dynamic Pile Load Testing
  • Dynamic Pile Analyzer and Integrity Testing
  • Testing of Laterally Loaded Piles 
  • Evaluation of field reports and verification of construction compliance with pile design
  • Senior and peer review of reports, construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), and project management
  • Advanced Pile Design Services:

    • provision of advanced geotechnical engineering and technological consultation
    • site and project-specific risk assessment
    • provision of project-specific safety factor (WSD— Working Stress Design)
    • provision of project-specific resistance factors (LRDF — Limit States Design)
    • design of piling technology and design knowledge and procedures
    • design specifications
    • construction methodology
    • failure and performance criteria
    • specialty testing and verification procedures for unique projects
  • Forensic, preventive, and remedial geotechnical engineering (failure investigation) for deep foundation (pile foundation) systems


— Call us Toll Free: 1-844-4-ADROIT (1-844-4-237648) or please contact us here for more information.

We provide pile inspection services throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories. We also provide services in international locations directed through our main office in Edmonton, Alberta. Major cities served include: Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Fort McMurray (AB — Alberta), Vancouver (BC— British Columbia), and Saskatoon (SK— Saskatchewan).