Foundation Failure Investigation and Repair

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides geotechnical engineering expertise and materials testing services for foundation failure investigations and repair in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories. Please contact us hereif you have any enquiries.

Foundation problems may appear in many shapes and forms such as cracking, settlement, heave, swelling, sinkhole formation, shallow or deep isolated or connected cavity formation, caving soils, general subsidence, ground collapse, foundation disintegration, loss of bearing capacity, seepage and leakage, vibrations, tilting and distortion of foundations and super-structure, slope failure, massive landslide, ground loss (due to active tunneling, existing tunnels, or abandoned underground mining), and more...

More commonly, the failure or malfunction of foundations may lead to cracking, differential vertical and horizontal deformation, and distortion of the building superstructure and loss of structural integrity. If allowed to continue unchecked, the building may become unusable and may need to be demolished.

Careful investigation of ground conditions (geotechnical engineering) and the defects is required in order to determine the actual cause of the movements to decide what method can or should be used as a remedial or preventive measure. 

Common Foundation Repair Measures

Some of the commonly used remedial and preventative measures for foundation repair projects include:

Mud jacking
Deep and shallow grouting (structural grouting, consolidation grouting, sealing grouting, and chemical grouting)
Water barriers and drainage systems
Basement and foundation wall repair
Soil improvement and stabilization
Artificial ground freezing
Other innovative methods

Geotechnical Engineering Analysis and Design Requirements

It could be very costly and frustrating to use a repair method without conducting proper geotechnical engineering to properly investigate and properly design the remedial/repair measure. Hence, conducting forensic geotechnical engineering to investigate the cause and extent of the issues shall be an integral part of any foundation repair project. Selection and evaluation of repair options may also depend on available documentation, available technology, urgency of the circumstances, risks, and available budget.

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides foundation engineering, material testing, and  forensic engineering expertise for foundation failure investigation and repair projects throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories. Alpha Adroit also provides services in international locations through its main office in Edmonton, Alberta. Please contact us here for any enquiries.


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