Dams, Levees, and Dikes (and other Hydraulic Structures)

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd. provides a variety of consulting and testing services for dams, levees, and other hydraulic structures projects, including:

        • General geotechnical engineering, geotechnical site investigations, advanced and routine field and laboratory testing, numerical modeling, risk analysis, designing of dam body and foundation, and designing of instrumentation and monitoring programs

        • Evaluation of borrow pits and construction materials and advanced materials testing services

        • Construction monitoring and quality control for earth-fill, rock-fill, RCC, concrete, and tailings dams as well as hydro-electric projects

        • Instrumentation and monitoring for new and existing dams and related structures, interpretation of the monitoring data, back analysis of observed behavior, scenario-based risk analysis, and providing recommendations for preventive, remedial, and emergency action plans

        • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Forensic Engineering (including remedial engineering) for Dams, Levees, Dikes, and other Hydraulic Structures

        • Advanced Concrete NDT testing

        • Flood risk analysis and control and design of flood diversion and protection systems

        • Conducting advanced computational modeling and analysis for design, safety, and performance evaluation purposes backed by field and laboratory testing and instrumentation data

        • Geotechnical design and construction quality control for energy dissipation systems, water tunnels, water diversion systems, canals, power stations, inspection and instrumentation galleries, plastic concrete cut-off walls, grout curtains, concrete diaphragm walls, retaining walls, consolidation grouting, rock bolting, large-scale dewatering, embankment constructions, reinforced soil constructions, and open and underground excavations

        • Assessment of Concrete and Earth Hydraulic Structures 

        • Geotechnical design and construction quality control for engineered fills, concrete constructions, concrete testing, soil compaction testing, localized and large-scale ground improvements, surface water diversion, erosion control, irrigation systems, site support facilities, campsites, and communication towers

        • Analysis and control of landslides, pore-water pressures, groundwater seepage, and liquefaction

        • Geotechnical assessment and design for increasing the retention capacity or factor of safety of existing water and tailings dams

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