Land Development, Buildings, and Infrastructures

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd. provides geotechnical engineering consulting and materials testingservices for residential, industrial, recreational, agricultural, and environmental habitat land developments, as well as, for building construction and rehabilitation in urban, rural, and remote areas:

        • Construction compliance monitoring and issuing compliance reports required for the municipality and other government permits

        • Specialized services for single family homes, duplex and multiplex homes, condominiums, high-rise buildings, roads, and communication towers

        • Geotechnical design and construction monitoring for shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, embankments, open and underground excavations, engineered fills, ground improvements, pavements, retention ponds, sewage systems, flood diversion systems, erosion control, roads, bridges, towers, sanitary systems, potable water treatment facilities, grain silos, farmland earthworks and irrigation systems, radar stations, airports, wind farms, renewable energy infrastructures, and remedial works

        • Slope stability analysis, determination of top of bank and setback distance, instability prevention, and landslide remediation

        • Analysis and control of landslides, groundwater level and seepage, swelling, settlement, and liquefaction

        • Frozen ground engineering including:

            • Design of foundations, slopes, retaining systems, pavements, and earthworks

            • Design of insulation for applications in frozen and partially frozen soils

            • Determination of frost depth, frost heave, thaw settlement, and thaw instability

            • Design and assessment of ice roads

        • Forensic geotechnical consulting for insurance and legal claims arising from failure or malfunctioning geo-structures and buildings

        • Remedial geotechnical consulting for remediation and rehabilitation of residential and industrial infrastructures

        • Senior and peer review of reports and construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures

        • Geotechnical engineering advice on the purchase of land and equipment, construction materials, documentation and contracts, and project management

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