Environmental Consulting Services

Alpha Adroit Engineering provides expert environmental consulting services for environmental site assessments, environmental engineering, environmental restoration, environmental cleanup, and environmental monitoring services, including:

    • Environmental Engineering Consultation

    • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase 1) 

    • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase 2) 

    • Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase 3) 

    • Baseline Environmental Assessments 

    • Environmental testing and sampling of soils, groundwater, and surface water

    • Spill response and cleanup consultation

    • Consultation for removal of petroleum storage tanks

    • Environmental consulting for gas stations

    • Contaminant hydrology and hydrogeology assessments

    • Environmental monitoring, including also Field Environmental Monitoring (construction monitoring)

    • Surface water quality testing and monitoring (specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, ORP, turbidity, TDS, Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, Hydrocarbon, and VOC) for lake, stream and wetland monitoring, dam monitoring, mine water monitoring, mine water remediation, and other applications

    • Environment consulting and engineering for restoration and remediation projects

    • Environmental consultation and engineering for site reclamation
    • Leak detection and containment

    • Mining Environmental Engineering: environmental engineering services for mining sites, mining waste, tailings, acid rock stockpiles, etc.

    • Pipeline Environmental Engineering: environmental engineering services for pipeline projects, petroleum hydrocarbon release, cleanup and remediation in First Nation lands, contamination control and clean up near wetlands, etc.    

    • Environmental engineering services for municipal solid wastes and landfills

    • Specialized numerical modeling for environmental hazard assessment, contamination transport, contamination retention, and contamination cleanup consultation

    • Environmental consulting for cleanup and monitoring of site remediation projects involving hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other hazardous contaminations

    • Providing recommendation, testing, and quality control services for concrete and steel constructions in harsh soils and severe environments

    • Periodic sampling for groundwater quality tests for rural and recreational developments

    • Design and monitoring of frozen ground barriers for controlling contamination transport

    • Petroleum hydrocarbon contamination (PHC) in permafrost

    • Materials testing services for environmental protection and environmental engineering projects

    • Soil compaction testing and other materials testing services for environmental projects

    • Environmental consulting for in-situ treatment of contaminated soils and sediments

    • Compliance with EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), CEQGs (Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines), also referred to as CCME Guidelines (CCME: Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment), AEP (Alberta Environment and Parks), Alberta Environmental Site Assessment Standard, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) guidelines, British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, ASTM, CSA, and other jurisdiction-specific guidelines and regulations. 

    • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) for underground and groundwater contamination detection and sizing

    • Environmental expert witness and failure investigation

    • Assisting First Nations or entities working in First Nation lands with Environmental Regulations and Permitting

    • Environmental research and development

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides design and construction quality control for environmental engineering applications using:

  • Woven and nonwoven geotextiles (geo fabrics)

  • Multi-axial geogrids such as biaxial (BX) and triaxial (Tensar Triax) geogrids
  • Geonets
  • Geocomposite (consisting of a geogrid welded with a needle-punched nonwoven geotextile)
  • Geomembranes
  • GCL (geosynthetic clay liners)
  • Geofoam
  • Geocells
  • Wick drains (Prefabricated Vertical Drains or PVD)
  • French drains
  • Articulated concrete block mattresses
  • GCCM concrete cloth, and
  • Gabions.

The primary functions of geosynthetics in Environmental Engineering are separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, and containment. Some environmental engineering and construction applications include:

    • Seepage control 

    • High groundwater table control

    • Drainage and pre-loading applications

    • Dewatering applications
    • Temporary and permanent flood walls and flood diversion systems

    • Stormwater management systems

    • Erosion and sedimentation control

    • Land reclamation

    • Dams, levees, and dikes applications

    • Mining and tunneling applications

    • Oil and gas applications

    • Contamination containment applications such as primary and secondary containment, caps, and covers for rock-waste piles, petroleum tank farms, chemicals tank farms (tank lining and tank farm/tank lot secondary containment), pond lining, sump lining, landfill lining and containment, frac-water pond lining, soil gas barrier systems (soil gas vapor containment), site spill protection, Radon gas barrier and ventilation, and caps and covers for landfill closures
      Diversion of clean water and contaminated water

    • Slope Stabilization 

    • Retaining walls, including Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) solutions

    • Pavement optimization for paved roads and parking lots

    • Performance optimization for unpaved roads and parking lots (such as gravel or dirt roads and gravel yards)

    • Subgrade stabilization for paved roads and parking lots

    • Crack mitigation for paved roads and parking lots

Alpha Adroit provides geotechnical engineering and environmental engineering consultation and design using products from primary providers such as Tensar, MacCaferri, Miragrid, Nilex, and Layfield, and others. We also provide full-service construction quality control and quality assurance services (QA/QC). 


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We provide our environmental engineering and restoration consulting services throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. We also offer environmental consulting services (including Forensic Environmental Consulting) in international locations directed through our headquarters office in Edmonton, Alberta. Major cities include Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Fort McMurray (ABAlberta), Vancouver (BCBritish Columbia), and Saskatoon (SKSaskatchewan). Service requests for Environmental Consulting Edmonton direct to here.