Forensic Geotechnical Engineering and Expert Witness Services

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is a Canadian professional engineering firm providing licensed forensic engineering services in Canada as well as in international locations. Alpha Adroit offers a wide range of Forensic Geotechnical Engineering, Expert Witness, Expert Opinion, Failure Investigation, and Remedial and Repair Consultation services for buildings, land developments, infrastructures, dams and levees, tailings management facilities, mining, oil and gas, and pipeline industries, including:

    • Shallow and deep foundation failure investigation and repair
    • Slopes and landslides
    • Retaining walls 
    • Embankments
    • Excavations and shoring
    • Ground improvement
    • Pavements, sidewalks, and driveways
    • Retention pond and storm-water management systems
    • Dams and flood diversion systems
    • Advanced and routine field and laboratory materials testing and monitoring for forensic geotechnical engineering investigations
    • Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring
    • Specialty rock and concrete coring 
    • Vibration monitoring and vibration alarm system
    • Geohazards assessments and control, including landslides, groundwater seepage, frost heave, thaw instability, swelling, settlement, liquefaction, sensitive soils, soft soils, ground collapse, buried valleys, underground cavities, and large-scale subsidence
    • Numerical modeling and geotechnical risk analysis
    • Specialized geotechnical engineering, testing, and monitoring services for land developments, buildings, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, tank farms, towers, specialty infrastructures, open-pit mines, mining site support facilities, pipelines, oil and gas and manufacturing infrastructures
    • Foundation repair consultation and engineering for underpinning, grouting, mud-jacking, and other remedial measures 
    • Preventive and restorative geotechnical engineering
    • Expert witness and expert opinion services for litigation, insurance claims, and arbitration settlement procedures
    • Forensic investigation for research purposes 

Failure is an unacceptable difference between the expected and observed performance. Generally, an accident or failure is not the result of a single cause; it is usually the combination of several causes acting in concert or sequence. Some causes may have acted over time. Thus, the determination of the cause of such failures requires familiarity with a broad range of disciplines, and an ability to pursue several lines of investigation, simultaneously. Alpha Adroit's team of highly-qualified expert engineers with multi-disciplinary education and industry experiences since 1972, provide forensic investigation, failure analysis, and forensic materials testing for most major industries.

Please note that: 

  • Foundation problems may appear in many shapes and forms such as cracking, settlement, heave, swelling, sinkhole formation, shallow or deep isolated or connected cavity formation, caving soils, general subsidence, ground collapse, foundation disintegration, loss of bearing capacity, seepage and leakage, vibrations, tilting and distortion of foundations and super-structure, slope failure, massive landslide, ground loss (due to active tunneling, existing tunnels, or abandoned underground mining), and more...

  • More commonly, the failure or malfunction of foundations may lead to cracking, differential vertical and horizontal deformation, and distortion of the building superstructure and loss of structural integrity. If allowed to continue unchecked, the building may become unusable and may need to be demolished. 

  • Slope problems may show as cracking, settlement, lateral and vertical movements, tilting, or total collapse and destruction of the buildings and other structures. Slope failure may happen in the form of a catastrophic rotational or translational landslide, fall (such as a rock fall), toppling, lateral spread (creep), flow (such as mudflow), or a combination of these.

  • Careful investigation of ground conditions (geotechnical engineering) and the defects is required to determine the actual cause of the problems to decide what method can or should be used as a remedial or preventive measure.


When a design, construction, structure, or any geotechnical engineering component fails or by any other means does not operate or function as planned or expected, Alpha Adroit Engineering is the one to call to investigate the cause of the failure(s) or mal-performance, to provide appropriate corrective and restorative measures. Alpha Adroit also offers preventive measures when a risk is expected due to a lack in design, construction, or due to any other matter, including and not limited to the environment.

Alpha Adroit's forensic engineering team is experienced in forensic geotechnical engineering investigations, forensic engineering materials testing, analysis, and interpretation, as well as presenting and communicating complex and technical subject matters in a transparent manner that is understandable by non-technical audiences.

We provide our forensic geotechnical engineering services throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories. We also offer services in international locations directed through our headquarters office in Edmonton, Alberta. Major cities include Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Fort McMurray (AB Alberta), Vancouver (BCBritish Columbia), and Saskatoon (SKSaskatchewan).

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