Permafrost and Frozen Ground Engineering Services

Alpha Adroit is a permafrost specialist consulting company providing advanced geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, materials testing, and construction quality control services in permafrost and cold regions including sub-arctic, The Arctic, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Projects in Yukon, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Manitoba may be considered subject to prior registration.

Alpha Adroit's permafrost and frozen ground engineering services include:

    • Geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation in permafrost and cold regions
    • Specialized field and laboratory sampling and testing techniques for frozen soils, rocks, and ground ice
    • Air photo interpretation and terrain analysis
    • Aggregate and sand resource identification and characterizations
    • Muskeg engineering
    • Ice engineering
    • Slope stability analysis, design, and repair in frozen and partially frozen soils and rocks
    • Analysis, design, and monitoring of earth retaining systems in frozen ground
    • Permafrost engineering for artificial ground freezing
    • Design of insulation and other artificial passive thermal control regimes
    • Advanced numerical modeling involving thermal, phase change (freezing-thawing), stress-strain, creep and seepage scenarios in frozen ground
    • Analysis and design for implications of continuous and discontinuous permafrost on roads, pipelines, buried electrical and fiber optic lines, and other infrastructures
    • Instrumentation, data logging, and interpretation of monitoring data for frozen and partially frozen ground applications
    • Specialized design for seepage control and temporary shoring using frozen ground cut-off and retention walls
    • Analysis and modeling of creep deformation, frost heave, thaw consolidation, and thaw weakening in seasonally freezing and thawing ground
    • Analysis and control of landslides, open-pit wall stability, rock slope stability, and groundwater seepage control in partially frozen ground  
    • Risk assessment of construction impacts on the geothermal regime of permafrost and providing design recommendations
    • Design and construction monitoring for foundations, slopes, embankments, excavations, roads, ice roads, water dams, tailings dams, pipelines, and underground facilities on and within frozen and partially frozen soils
    • Geotechnical analysis and design for offshore artificial islands, pipeline, and other infrastructures underlain by permafrost below the sea floor (subsea permafrost)
    • Geotechnical engineering for saline and contaminated frozen ground
    • Hydrogeology, water resources evaluation, groundwater monitoring, and contamination transport in permafrost regions and partially frozen soils
    • Permafrost engineering for underground dams
    • Subsea permafrost (offshore permafrost)
    • Soil compaction testing and concrete testing
    • Pile Inspection Services
    • Geoenvironmental assessment for construction projects in cold regions
    • Analysis, assessments, and design for mine closure in permafrost
    • Design of shallow and deep open excavations, open pits, waste dumps, and high embankments in permafrost
    • Specialized numerical modeling for environmental hazard assessment, contamination transport, contamination retention, and contamination cleanup in permafrost
    • Senior and peer review of reports, construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), and project management
    • Forensic (failure investigation), preventive, and remedial permafrost engineering
    • Environmental engineering and restoration servicesfor cold regions and permafrost
    • Specialized geoenvironmental engineering and consultation for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination in permafrost

FRP: Filterless Rigid Piezometer — Measuring Pore-Water Pressure in Partially Frozen Soils

Piezometer for measuring pore-water pressure in partially frozen soils and tight formations ( United States Patent US 9,140,615 B2: Method and system for measuring pore-fluid pressure  ) was invented by Dr. Mohammadali Kia, P.Eng. (President, Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd) together with co-inventors Dr. Norbert Rubin Morgenstern, P.Eng. and Dr. David Charles Sego, P.Eng. (Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta). 

Alpha Adroit experts also develop new instruments for specialized applications. Alpha Adroit experts have extensive experience in using instrumentation for dams, tailing dams, tunnels, tailings, open-pit miningunderground miningbridgesslopesforensic investigations, and other geotechnical applications. Two of Alpha Adroit's most senior Principal Geotechnical Engineers (Dr. Mohammed G. Rahman, P.Eng. and Dr. Jamshid Sadr Karimi, Professor Emeritus) have been in practice since 1972 and have been involved with numerous geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring projects ever since.

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We provide our permafrost engineering and frozen ground engineering services throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. We also offer services in international locations directed through our headquarters office in Edmonton, Alberta. Projects in Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories  may be considered subject to prior registration.