Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing Services in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides full range geotechnical engineering and materials testing services in Fort McMurray, Alberta for buildings, land developments, infrastructures, dams and levees, mining and metals processing, oil and gas, power and pipeline industries.

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 Services include:

    • Geotechnical investigation for residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, and other buildings, facilities, and land developments
    • Geological characterization
    • Field and laboratory soil, concrete, and rock testing
    • Geotechnical engineering for shallow and deep foundations (piles), retaining walls, embankments, excavations, engineered fills, ground improvements, pavements, retention ponds, sewage systems, and flood diversion systems
    • Slope Stability analysis, slope failure control, slope stabilization, and landslide remediation
    • Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete (Concrete NDT)
    • Mining Geotechnical Engineering Services
    • Specialized services for CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles, belled piles, Compacto piles, driven concrete and steel piles, wood piles, pipe piles, heavy-duty caissons, cast-in-place shafts, pre-cast piles, micro piles, friction piles, footings, and mat foundations Services include analysis, design, load testing, inspection, confirmation, failure investigation, instrumentation, monitoring, upgrading, remedial consultation, and concrete testing
    • Permafrost and Frozen ground engineering, insulation design, and permafrost construction consultation
    • Advanced and routine field and laboratory testing, geotechnical instrumentation, specialty soil testing, soil compaction monitoring, soil engineering, specialty borehole logging and coring, and construction inspection
    • Geotechnical investigation, analysis, and control of geohazards, including landslides, groundwater seepage, frost heave, thaw instability, swelling, settlement, liquefaction, sensitive soils, soft soils, ground collapse, buried valleys, underground cavities, and large-scale subsidence
    • Numerical modeling and geotechnical risk analysis
    • Specialized geotechnical engineering, testing, and monitoring services for land developments, buildings, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, tank farms, towers, specialty infrastructures, open-pit mines, mining site support facilities, pipelines, oil and gas and manufacturing infrastructures
    • Pile inspection, footing inspection, and bearing capacity inspection for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings 
    • Foundation repair consultation and engineering for underpinning, grouting, mud-jacking, and other remedial measures 
    • Senior and peer review of reports, construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), and project management 
    • Provision of advanced geotechnical engineering and technological consultation, knowledge, design specifications, methodology, failure and performance criteria, and specialty testing procedures for unique projects
    • Forensic, preventive, and remedial geotechnical engineering, as well as, expert witness services for litigation and insurance claims
    • NDT — Non-Destructive Testing 


Alpha Adroit also provides advanced and routine materials testing and engineering services in Fort McMurray and greater Wood Buffalo region for accurate determination of representative in-situ material properties, building materials design, proper selection and quality control of construction materials (as part of construction quality control services), and their compliance with design and engineering specifications, including:

      • Conducting standard, advanced, and custom-designed field and laboratory tests on soil, concrete, rock, aggregate, asphalt, and waste materials per ASTM, CSA, AASHTO, and Alberta Transportation and Infrastructures Specifications

      • Laboratory testing, field testing, testing review, interpretation of test results, development of technical specifications, and mix design for Portland cement concrete, grout (including Sika grout), mortar, shotcrete, plastic concrete, soil-cement, lime-treated soil, fly-ash treated soil, RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), zero-slump concrete, light-weight concrete fills, and recycled materials

We provide construction Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) in Fort McMurray and greater Wood Buffalo region for concrete construction, earthworks, and other geo-constructions to ensure the construction procedures and materials conform to the design specifications and engineering assumptions, as well as, to the proper construction practices. Some examples include:

  • Inspection and materials testing services for utility line placement, site grading, and construction of embankments, engineered fills, excavations, and retaining walls

  • Monitoring, inspection, and materials testing services for driving of steel piles and construction of concrete shafts, caissons, belled piles, Compacto piles, CFA piles, footings, and mat foundations

  • Rebar and form inspection and materials testing services for fresh and cured concrete for reinforced concrete constructions

  • Soil testing and proof rolling inspection for pavements and sub-grades

  • Soil compaction testing using nuclear densometer (nuclear density guage) for sub-grades, site grading, engineered fills, and structural fills

  • Concrete testing services for structural concrete, plastic concrete, zero-slump concrete, light-weight concrete, grout concrete, Sika grout, cementitious grout, non-shrink grout, shotcrete, roller-compacted concrete (RCC), cementitious materials, and asphalt concrete materials 

  • Materials engineering and design, lab tests, research, interpretation of test results, and development of technical knowledge databases for new engineering materials
  • Materials testing for Forensic Geotechnical Engineering applications (failure investigation, expert witness, remedial and repair engineering) 

  • Geotechnical assessment of fire damage (also explosion damage) to foundations, slopes, walls, and structural and non-structural concrete elements due to Fort McMurray fires

  • Total Quality Management (TQM) and Registered Professional Engineer of Record Services for design review and field review of geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing aspects of building projects in compliance with Alberta Building Code (ABC), National Building Code of Canada (NBCC), and International Building Code (IBC)


As a minimum, Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd complies with the following standards as necessary: 

      • ASTM D3740 Standard Practice for Minimum Requirements for Agencies Engaged in Testing and/or Inspection of Soil and Rock as Used in Engineering Design and Construction

      • ASTM E329 — Standard Specification for Agencies Engaged in Construction Inspection, Testing, or Special Inspection

      • CSA A283-06 — Qualification Code for Concrete Testing Laboratories


— Call us at 780-607-4114 or Toll-Free: 1-844-4-ADROIT (1-844-423-7648). For online inquiries please fill in the form at contact us here for more information.

Examples of geotechnical engineering and materials testing services offered by Alpha Adroit in Fort McMurray region include:

  • Forensic Geotechnical Engineering investigation for a condominium development consisting of 55 duplex units in Timberlea Area, Fort McMurray, where substantial subsidence and cracking of sidewalks, driveways, and asphalt pavement had occurred, and cavities as thick as 35 cm had formed under concrete slabs. The problem also involved substantial groundwater seepage. Alpha Adroit's work included investigating the causes of the issues and recommending alternative remedial measures.

  • Monitoring, inspection, testing for construction quality control, and engineering advice for concrete and steel pile construction (pile inspection services) for various residential and industrial developments in the greater Fort McMurray area

  • Monitoring, inspection,  construction quality control, and engineering advice for earthworks and soil compaction testing for various residential and industrial developments in the greater Fort McMurray area

  • Geotechnical engineering and materials testing services for borrow pits, access roads, oil sand developments, SAGD developments, pipeline construction and line replacement, pump stations, and site support facilities in greater Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo region development areas 

  • Geotechnical engineering for tailings dams, processing plants, and associated site support facilities and access roads in greater Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo region development areas 

  • Providing mobile materials testing laboratory (mobile lab) and personnel in the greater Fort McMurray area for construction quality control in remote areas

  • Mining Geotechnical Engineering in greater Fort McMurray area 


— Call us at 780-607-4114 or Toll-Free: 1-844-4-ADROIT (1-844-423-7648). For online inquiries please fill in the form at contact us here for more information.