Offshore Geotechnical Site Investigation Services

Alpha Adroit plans and conducts each offshore geotechnical site investigation and characterization project for the specific requirements and objectives of that particular project, and this may consist of:

    • Conducting desk study 
    • Offshore geotechnical survey
    • Marine site characterization
    • Identifying, mapping, analyzing and controlling geotechnical hazards
    • Field sampling via drilling, coring, Piston sampling, SPT tube sampling, and ground freezing techniques
    • Conducting Offshore Sonic coring
    • Conducting Offshore Standard Penetration Test (Offshore SPT)
    • Conducting Offshore Cone Penetration Test (Offshore CPT)
    • Conducting Offshore Seismic Cone Penetration Test with pore-water pressure measurement (Offshore SCPTu or Offshore Piezo Cone)
    • Conducting Offshore Pressuremeter Test (Offshore PMT)
    • Conducting Offshore Dynamic Cone penetrometer Test (Offshore DCP)
    • Conducting Offshore Shear Vane Test
    • Advanced laboratory testing on subsea soil samples
    • Field load testing
    • Hydraulic fracturing
    • Determination of seismic material properties of subsea soils and liquefaction analysis
    • Conducting Standard, advanced, and custom-designed lab tests on field samples or specimens prepared in the lab
    • Installing geotechnical instruments and monitoring field performance
    • Developing geological, geotechnical, and hydrogeological conceptual models for soil, rock, ore, discontinuities, and groundwater  interconnected with databases of material properties and chronological instrument data required to establish technical knowledge for geotechnical analysis and design  
    • Investigating failures and evaluating the performance of geo-structures and foundations (Forensic Offshore Geotechnical Engineering)


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