Oil, Gas, Power, and Pipelines

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd. provides a variety of consulting and testing services for the oil, gas, power, pipeline, and renewable energy industries, including:

        • Advanced and general geotechnical engineering services, geotechnical site investigations, instrumentation, advanced and routine field and laboratory testing, numerical modeling, and construction inspections for pumping stations, pipelines, tank farms, refineries, contamination containment systems, decks, site support facilities, processing plants, power generation plants, power substations, communication towers, transmission towers (power towers), wind towers, cooling towers, bad-land platforms, remote airdromes, helipads, radar stations, storage facilities, campsites, landfills, wind farms, solar power stations, renewable energy infrastructures, and recreation areas

        • Advanced and routine materials testing services (soil compaction testing, concrete testing, environmental testing, and other tests)

        • Unique designs and construction monitoring for temporary site developments, access roads, and parking areas

        • Pile load testing and development of optimized site-specific load and resistance factors for LRFD design for massive structures and tank farms

        • Environmental assessments and environmental consulting for site remediation projects involving hydrocarbon spills, drilling fluid spills, and other hazardous contaminations

        • Design and construction monitoring for shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, embankments, excavations, engineered fills, concrete constructions, ground improvements, pavements, retention ponds, sewage systems, flood diversion systems, erosion control, roads, access bridges, and remedial works

        • Analysis and control of landslides, groundwater level and seepage, frost heave, thaw instability, swelling, settlement, large-scale ground subsidence, and liquefaction

        • Specialized laboratory testing for determining physical properties, stress-strain-time-temperature behavior at normal and elevated pressures and temperatures, hydraulic conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal capacity, and thermal expansion properties of soils, rocks, and artificial materials

        • Failure investigation (forensic geotechnical engineering and expert witness) and remedial geotechnical engineering consulting (slope failure repairs, foundation failure repairs, and other types of geotechnical remediation)

        • Senior and peer review of reports and construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)

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